At age 71 I thought my only option to fixing my shoulder was surgery, but my family doctor suggested physical therapy. First, I really didn't think this would work, but I would give it a try. Into my second week of P.T. I was experiencing much improvement. By the fifth week of P.T. my shoulder was actually feeling better than before I hurt it. I thank the therapist at DPT of Fredericksburg for helping me through this and also showing me how to continue to keep my shoulder stronger on my own!

  • David R

JimL-smI am a senior citizen who has been treated for pain issues over the years at various Physical Therapy treatment centers. Not one has ever come close to providing me with the level of pain relief I've experienced at the Ditzler Physical Therapy facility located in Fredericksburg, PA.

In the past four or five years I have been successfully treated for severe low back pain and other health issues requiring physical therapy by Dr. Ditzler and his staff. Due to the well earned confidence I have in their professional therapy treatment I would go nowhere else.

Matt Ditzler, director and doctor of Physical Therapy and his highly trained, very competent, staff technicians will provide every patient with a level of professional, personalized, treatment suited to their own specific needs. Your individual treatment plan will be thoroughly discussed and explained to you before your therapy sessions begin. Employing the use of the most modern exercise equipment available Dr. Ditzler and his staff will competently guide you through every phase of your carefully planned therapy sessions.

At DPT I can assure that you will be treated with the utmost respect, genuine care, and concern by Dr. Ditzler, his receptionist, and his technicians.

I highly recommend the DPT Facility as the very best in this area.

  • Jim L
The professional and friendly staff at Ditzler Physical Therapy have helped improve my mobility tremendously! I was in a serious bicycle accident that left me with major repairs to my hip and opposite knee. After 3 months of not bearing weight, I was released to go for physical therapy. My joints had little movement due to the inactivity. Little by little the DPT staff challenged me to improve my range of motion. It was hard work, but they helped me graduate from a wheelchair to a walker and then a cane. Today I can walk at an almost normal gait and am able to ride my bicycle again. DPT certainly has the knowledge and skills that are second to none, plus they are caring, concerned and friendly. I would highly recommend you give them a try. You will never regret it!
  • Lee W
image-orthoI went to a local therapy 5 years ago, but I did not get much relief. Now at Ditzler Therapy, they are using a different approach to my nerve problem, and I'm very pleased with the good results. It has been a pleasant and helpful therapy here at Ditzler Therapy.
  • D.H.
PatMjpgIf you are looking for a physical therapist, look no farther; one of the very best physical therapy clinics is right here in Fredericksburg. Matt Ditzler, Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of Ditzler Physical Therapy, is knowledgeable in all areas of physical therapy. I had a total left knee replacement, and Dr. Ditzler worked with me to attain my goal of going up and down steps foot over foot. When I also sprained my left ankle, he adjusted the exercises to accommodate my ankle while still maintaining therapy for optimum recovery of my knee. My first session included an individualized therapy program designed specifically for me. Dr. Ditzler and his professional and very capable staff were always friendly and encouraging and dedicated to helping me reach my full potential. I highly recommend Ditzler Physical Therapy. You are in the best of hands when you choose DPT for your physical therapy.
  • Pat M.

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